We took a poll on which natural deodorants failed you and you guys were happy to share!


We polled approximately 500 of you on which natural deodorants you have tried and failed you. A total of 44 brands were reported, now that may sound ludicrous, but we certainly believe you, as every single natural deodorant we tried failed us too. A few are not what we consider "natural" but added them as they had a significant amount of reporting.

But first here is a list of symptoms people reported with the ones they tried....

How many of these symptoms have you experienced when using natural deodorants?:

  • rashes
  • irritation
  • itching
  • chaffing
  • cyst-like lumps
  • staining
  • just not working
  • making you stink MORE
  • only working for a little bit
  • have to reapply several times in a day

We feel ya, our natural deodorant graveyard grew quite large as we searched high and low for one that worked too. After tons of money wasted, high hopes dashed, and burning red underarms, we realized all the brands were basically using the same ingredients in different ratios, but not really doing anything different (lightbulb moment for us). This is why so many people head back to toxic conventional deodorant, we get tired of the never-ending search and of course the embarrassing body odor.

Now on to what you really want to know....

How Many of these 44 natural (and a few not) deodorants have you tried and failed you?

In descending order of ones reported

  1. Schmidt's
  2. Toms
  3. Native
  4. Primal Pit Paste
  5. Primally Pure
  6. Crystal Stone
  7. Dove
  8. Lume
  9. Humble
  10. Secret
  11. Kopari
  12. Piper Wai
  13. Doterra
  14. Stank Stop
  15. Soapwalla
  16. Ursa Major
  17. Little Seed Farm
  18. Kiss My Face
  19. Honest
  20. Alba Botanica
  21. Jasons
  22. Handmade
  23. Lemongrass Spa
  24. Kaia Naturals
  25. *mens deo
  26. Miro
  27. Hollys Keeping it Real
  28. LaVanilla
  29. EO Spray
  30. Pit Putty
  31. Bioessence
  32. Urban Cowboy
  33. Clean Pits Co.
  34. Tarte Vegan
  35. Herman Cowgirl
  36. Wren Naturals 
  37. Stink Bug
  38. No Pong
  39. The Healthy Deodorant
  40. Herban Cowgirl
  41. Atlanta Body Culinary
  42. ZirYabs Body Brew
  43. Myro
  44. Rustic Maka


WOW! Sure looks like you guys have done your research, there are even a few here we never even heard of! Basically we found them to have a different name, with the same ingredient lists, for the most part, nothing really different. 

Seriously, it's insane none of these companies could make a natural deodorant that actually worked for more people, so we went to work and two years later we launched The Best Deodorant with live probiotics!! Taking a completely different approach, starting with "why" we stink and working backward. Actually reverse engineering and solving the problem, not just masking the odor. Think of it like this, pills and manmade medicines are designed to mask our symptoms, not address the root cause. We believe actually figuring out what is causing our symptoms, addressing that is key to our long term health. Same with natural deodorants, we weren't trying to mask our odor, we wanted to get to the root cause and stomp out the stink. Want to read more about why we stink?

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