Is the handcrafted industry dying? Please say it isn't so...

With the ever-growing population of automation and machines, will artisanal handcrafted items still exist in the near future? be well is passionate about keeping this art alive and well in our world!

In the beginning

One of my first grown-up jobs was managing an art gallery where every single item was handcrafted by artists from around the world. It was a magical place to be surrounded by so much love and good vibes. I loved being there, touching each piece of pottery, jewelry, painting, rug, tapestry, woodwork, and more. We played beautiful music, burned incense, and had a sitting room in the back where you could relax and sip on hot tea. It was my happy place for sure, and it inspired me to create every day. I became a master at window and case displays. I came to understand the artists and their individual stories through their artwork, as a piece of them was in every piece. There was an energy that filled the entire space and it absolutely was radiating from each piece of handcrafted artwork. Everyone that entered the space felt it, it was addictive and lovely. I still visit this gallery as often as I can. Although it has changed a bit over the years, the foundation is still the same, handcrafted items straight from the artists themselves.

Finding my passion

I soon moved on to capture my true creative passion and study under a master potter I met through the art gallery. I got my hands dirty and connected to the earth while learning the art of handcrafted. I was learning and creating at the same time, life was exciting and people began to buy my handcrafted pieces. Now coming full circle, knowing the energy and uniqueness each piece held, I was completely enamored with handcrafted items and began seeking them out everywhere to surround my life and home with.

Building our home

I built our home with handcrafted items from around the world that I had collected, so it began to take on the same beautiful energy only handcrafted items can bring. I raised my children surrounded by art and nature, keeping their little hands in the dirt and their minds open the best I could in this industrial age. I wanted to inspire them to follow their inner voices and passion, whatever that was. I was fortunate to grow up and rear my children in a small town. There was no Target to needlessly consume items to place in your home only to dispose of when the next trend hit. I just think being more conscious and mindful of our purchases, where they are made, by whom, and why is really important before bringing into your home. By no means am I perfect at this, I just do the best I can, where I am on any given day. It's just a matter of choices, we all have them.

When be well was born

When we launched be well in 2017, it was with a clear heart and clear mind, my skincare products would always be handcrafted with love so they radiate and give energy to their new owner. Never being mass-produced just to line the shelves of the hottest new beauty store. I wanted be well to be different. The beauty industry is so tainted by big business that it has completely lost its way. Complicating things even more, the fact it is unregulated should have all of us on the steps of our government demanding not only better beauty or safer beauty, but SAFE beauty. Until things change, the best thing we can all do is purchase products from companies that are transparent and you trust, we hope to be this company for you. be well handcrafts each and every product to this day in small artisanal batches, ensuring quality and oversite is given to each bottle and jar by a real human.

Building be well the company

I have been part of and grown a few companies where the "vision" was just simply to grow fast and hard with mass outsourced production. It sucked the life outa me and was adding zero value to the world in my opinion. I know I was put on this earth to add value, to be a giver, not to just make noise and take. I exited those companies.

Avoiding the big business pitfall of growing bigger faster is just not our goal. be well believes in creating the highest quality, organic, natural, vegan handcrafted skincare we possibly can while staying true to our mission. "To inspire others to live healthier with one simple choice today." This vision in no way involves mass production, machines, automation or even outsourcing. be well will continue to handcraft each and every product just for you as we continue to grow. We will build out a bigger studio as needed and supply jobs to more and more people here in the USA. We will continue to stay focused on our customers not our industry competion. YOU are why we do this every single day.

A Piece of Me

As an artist at heart, I will remain true to my roots and my desire to inspire others with handcrafted skincare to feed and nourish your skin to healthy. So each time you spray a Probiotic Toner, spritz your pitz with The Best Deodorant or take a swipe of Nourishing Face Cream, know that it was handcrafted and created just for you. Enjoy the truly magical benefits and energy only handcrafted items can bring you. This is my passion, this is me. 


Love & be well,