The BEST Deodorant

A pretty bold statement to name your natural deodorant The BEST Deodorant with Live Probiotics right? Well, when you spent years studying and trying to crack the secret code on a natural deodorant recipe, you tend to be bold when finally cracking the code.

Hi, I am the actual creator of this disruptive natural deodorant>>The BEST Deodorant with Live Probiotics. I began working on a recipe back in 2014 after my diagnosis with multiple sclerosis. After being sick for a year and then bedridden, not being able to walk or talk for a month, I got the diagnosis of MS. Breaking away from all the recommended conventional drugs for this autoimmune disease, I began treating with a clean living toxic free lifestyle. It began with my food and naturally progressed to other items I was surrounding my life with. Beauty and skincare products were the hardest for me to ditch the toxins and find clean products that 1. were effective 2. I enjoyed using. So I started studying skincare just like I did my food and began applying the same clean living principals. If I didn't recognize an ingredient, it was processed or manmade, it was outa there. Period. I launched be well company in 2017 after creating the skincare that I needed in my life.

My Achilles heel was the natural deodorant! I literally tried EVERY natural deodorant out there, from Schmidt's, Native, Crystal Stone, Primal Pit Paste etc etc. Some would work for a bit then stop after 2 weeks. Some broke me out in rashes. Some just plain did not work. Was it really this hard??

Why do we stink?

So, I began studying "why" we sweat and the different kinds of sweat we all can have. Once I understood the why I could begin working WITH the body instead of against it. Conventional deodorants work against the body and try to clog the pores and stop the sweating. BAD. We are designed to sweat, it is our bodies natural way of releasing toxins through our pores. When you clog the pores to stop this, you become toxic. The other method is to cover up the smell with all kinds of different scents and powders, they only last as long as the scent does.

The BEST Deodorant with Live Probiotics was created to balance the natural bacteria on the skin. We all have bacteria, our microbiome, that needs to stay balanced and in check through diet and lifestyle. Simply put, when the bad bacteria takes over the good bacteria, you stink. So the idea was to feed the good bacteria. Never plugging the pores, no scents to cover up, no skin irritating baking soda, just all natural ingredients that balance the skins natural pH and are anti-bacterial.

About The BEST Deodorant

First, we start with pure natural mineral salts, which you may have tried before in your natural deodorant search (crystal stones), then we add in skin softening rose water, alcohol-free witch hazel, live cold pressed concentrated probiotics, soothing cold pressed aloe, and last our proprietary blend of essential oils. The perfect blend of anti-bacterial fighting magic in a bottle. 


You can finally raise those arms in confidence thanks to The BEST Deodorant with Live Probiotics, designed to work with your body, not against it!

The Best Deodorant

Check out just a few of our 5 Star Reviews

"Really is "The Best"!
I can't say enough good things about this product!! I've struggled my whole life with embarrassing body odor and have tried so many kinds of deodorants (chemical based and natural) in search of a solution. Honestly, this is the ONLY product that has left me smelling (and feeling!) fresh all day. It's truly a game changer. I hope it does the same for you!" ~ Frances
Stop reading all of these amazing reviews and go order this deodorant NOW! I’ve wasted so much money on natural deodorants that irritate my skin, don’t stop the stink, stain clothes, cause rashes and the list goes on. This deodorant is kind to my skin, stops the stink, and leaves me feeling fresh and good about my choice of deodorant. You 1000% will not be disappointed! Stop throwing away your money to other companies and try this amazing product!" ~ Diane
READY to stop stinking Naturally and stop wasting money on the others that simply do not work>>>>> The BEST Deodorant with Live Probiotics
I don't have wiggle room when it comes to clean living, see I can't walk or talk if I am consuming or feeding my skin chemicals. For me its a must, so you better believe our ingredients are clean.
Love & be well,