Do you need a Pit Detox?

Let's talk about b.o., pit stink to be exact. First, let me just get this out of the way, body odor is normal and can happen. There are so many variables that can play a part in why someone's pits may stink. First, your genetics play a role, just you being you. Second, your pH gets out of balance, you can read more about that here. Did you know what you eat and drink can also impact your pit smell too? Ever notice after a weekend going out drinking alcohol you may smell different or more? Normal, your body is just excreting the toxins through your pores and it messes with your pH balance. How much you sweat plays a part as well, remember sweating is good and you should try to every day as it's our bodies natural way of getting rid of toxins. Different foods can impact of pits too, so no one can really escape pit stink, well there are a few lucky ones who never stink. That's not me or anyone I know personally, but rock on with your bad self if that's you!

Now on to the rest of us stinkers and what you can do about it.


Why Do We Need to Detox Our Pits?

Whether you are using a conventional deodorant or a natural deodorant, we all can use a pit detox now and again, and here's why. Pores get clogged, plain and simple. They get clogged with oil, sweat, products, and grime just like the pores on our face and the rest of our body can. Removing that top layer of gunk and then unclogging the pores allows your body to function the way it was designed, to sweat and release toxins from the bazillion pores we have.


How To Detox Your Pits

Step 1.

Exfoliate! Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that get packed on the top layer of our skin, basically sealing off our pores and trapping everything in. Gross. Exfoliating gently removes this dead skin cell layer exposing your pores to fresh air again.

Step 2.

Detox Mask! Detoxing the pits after Exfoliating goes into the pores and draws out all the stuff trapped inside, kinda like an uncorking if you will. Once all the debris and grime has been removed your body will begin to sweat and perspire freely. Ahhhh. 


After Exfoliating and Detox Masking your pits, most will notice they don't have a smell for several days! And you're like wow, its a miracle, I am cured!! Hold tight mary jane, those pores still need your help now and again. 


How Often to Detox the Pits?

Good question! If you are just starting with the natural The Best Deodorant you should complete it once a week for the first month, some people can get away with less. Again, it all depends on your bodies pH. You cant detox your pits too much, so don't worry, if it's your jam, do it! 


Ready To Detox Your Pits?

We thought so, it really is life changing! You can grab a sample Pit Pack that will give you a good 2 uses per pack. Or you can go full monte and grab a full-size ExfoliatorDetox Mask, and The Best Deodorant in our full sized Detox Pit Pack, and use them on your gorgeous face as well. The Exfoliator and Detox Mask will not only unclog your pores, it will help even skin tone, remove blackheads and give you a more youthful appearance.

Pit Pack

The Best Deodorant & Detox Pit Pack


The Best Deodorant

Once you detox those pits keeping them happy and healthy is key. Using an all natural deo that won't clog your pores or contain any toxins is key. The Best Deodorant is hand down the best natural deodorant, trumping all others as it is made with live probiotics that work with your body to balance your bacteria and eliminate pit stink once and for all!.

The Best Deodorant


Short and Sweet

For my friends who just want the "what do I do":

1. First, cleanse your pits

2. Drizzle a small amount of water with

a dime-sized amount of Exfoliator and mix

until paste forms. Apply some to each pit

and gently massage in small circles for a

minute. Then rinse off.

3. Drizzle water in with your Detox Mask

until it forms a paste, then apply to pits

and let dry. Then rinse off.

4. Apply 2-4 sprays of The Best Deodorant

to each pit, let dry.


Pro Tip -

diet, alcohol, and sweat are always changing our pH, somedays a midday spray of The Best Deodorant w/ Live Probiotics may help rebalance your skin bacteria quickly and easily.



Love & be well