Not gonna lie, we like to brag on our clean products especially The Best Deodorant! 

​Our deodorant is our #1 selling product year round, no fail, reaching new customers every single day. Why? Because clean deodorant is a must do for all of us. Yes, it is still a choice, but once you know the dangers of conventional deodorants you just can't "un know" it😱.

We wouldn't swallow a spoonful of toxic ingredients, but for some reason we are ok smearing them all over our bodies with skincare and our underarms with deodorant, which actually may be worse!

​Here's the truth👉 - when we eat something our bodies break it down through our digestive system, but when we place something on our skin it enters our bloodstream directly...NO FILTER!

Conventional deodorants are filled with endocrine disruptors, these are chemicals that mess with your body's reproductive and developmental hormones. Some of these chemicals are absorbed through your skin and stored in your fat cells. Kind of a big deal right?!? We think so!

☠️ 5 Dangerous ingredients conventional deodorants + skincare contain:

+parabens - preservative linked to estrogen interference

+aluminum - metal linked to tumor growth

​+triclosan - disrupts your skins bacteria balance + thyroid function

​+phthalates - compounds that makes fragrance "stick" around and is linked to testosterone disruption

​+fragrance - it's impossible to know what chemicals are concealed under this word because scents are protected under the law and do not have to be disclosed

Even natural deodorants can cause irritation! from widely used baking soda
​which can itch, stain your clothes and clog your pores, as well as butters and oils that can do the same. Most include heavy use of essential oils to "cover up" smell, and some even contain animal products😢

NOW you know🙏

READING LABELS matters, even when it comes to our skincare. We are our own best advocate when it comes to our health. We get to decide what goes in our bodies!

​Just say no to toxic chemicals☠️

SWITCH you and your family to clean + safe The Best Deodorant w/ probiotics today☺️

Love + Be Well