Here is a crash course on everything you need to know about Skin pH + why it matters

We have all heard the words "pH balanced" and instinctively know its important but lets breakdown why, shall we.

What is skin’s pH?

Its all about balance, just like everything in life!
The skin’s pH maintains the balance of acidity and alkalinity that protects us from germs, the elements, and toxic substances while keeping us keeping us hydrated and storing nutrients and minerals.
The optimal pH level of skin on most of our face and body lies between 4.7 and 5.75. A pH of 7 (that of pure water) is considered neutral. Anything below that is acidic and above it alkaline, so skin’s natural pH is mildly acidic.

An acidic pH is optimal for proper cell turnover, hydration, and skin barrier function. Skin is protected by the acid mantle, which is a thin film on its surface composed of lipids from oil glands and amino acids from sweat that serves as a barrier, and a breakdown in this barrier leaves skin susceptible to inflammatory conditions, dehydration, and accelerated aging. An acidic pH helps keep your skin balanced, healthy, and radiant.

Why does skin’s pH matter?

pH has a huge impact on our skin’s barrier function, moisture retention, and our  microorganism (bacteria) environment, just like our gut health. If the skin’s pH rises into the alkaline range, its natural balance is disturbed. Remember, it's all about balance! This could lead to compromising skin's barrier function, and water loss from the skin and overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria.

Some external factors that can stress the skin:

  • Changes in temperature and humidity
  • Dirt and pollution
  • Chemical exposure
  • Washing too frequently
  • Using harsh products that strip your skin
  • Over exfoliation

Overindulgence in these items can alter your pH to become more alkaline and cause your skin to overproduce oil:

  • Dairy products
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Deli meats

Our skins pH is constantly changing based on diet, sleep, environment, and the products we use. Supporting your skin's natural environment is the key to happy healthy balanced skin.

How to Support Your Skin's natural pH on the outside:

Ditch conventional skincare products that strip your skins natural acid mantel leaving it vulnerable

Nourish your skin with natural facial cleansing oils

Consume probiotics in your diet and use probiotic skincare to support healthy bacteria inside and out

Moisturize your skin with natural oil based products that seal in moisture and further protect your acid mantel from the elements


Hope this was helpful and you feel more empowered with knowledge to make better choices for your skin!