Skin Pollution + how to protect your skin 

​Pollution isn't new and wreaks havoc on the skin from eczema, acne, premature aging, dark spots, dermatitis and the list goes on.

👉What are the main skin pollutants?
​Many elements impact the skin on the daily, from urban living or traveling, dust, smog, carbon monoxide, toxic floating particles, heating, transportation, and the sun. Our air quality is constantly changing, depending on the season and your particular environment.

Our skin is constantly at battle with our environment!

​What are the main effects of pollution on skin?
​Besides dirt building up on your skin, the toxins also clog your pores suffocating the skin. 😱The daily barrage of pollutants wears down the skins natural protective barrier so it becomes more vulnerable and reactive to the environment.

Which leads to:
​+dull skin 
+​dilated pores, blackheads or breakouts
​+premature aging 
​+dehydration and dryness

👉How can you protect your skin from pollutants?

​+consume antioxidant rich foods + antioxidant rich skincare to help replenish and promote healthy skin inside and out

​+oil cleanse your face 2x a day to remove all makeup and won't strip the skin 

​+exfoliate at least once a week to improve barrier function

​+use a detox mask at least once a week (algae in particular) to extract trapped toxins

​+include a vitamin C mask 1x a week to encourage cellular turnover

​+use pre+probiotic rich skincare that restores balance and feeds the skins natural immune system

​+nourish and hydrate the skin every day with serums/face oils loaded with active ingredients followed by a nourishing face cream that will lock in moisture, and protect the skin

+use a non nano zinc spf


Foods rich in antioxidants

Here are just a few plant based ideas to get you started! Opt for organic when possible and go for colorful foods.






+sweet potatoes







+nuts and seeds


Being consistent, loving and gentle with your skin will have a huge impact on its health and function and will help you get rid of skin pollution.


Love + Be Well