Some say plant-based deodorants are for hippies who don't mind a little body odor. So not true! Let’s clear the air here (with a fresh, breezy waft)—that's an old myth! Plant-based deodorants are for anyone who wants to keep fresh, naturally. And so long as we’re using a premium formula, they’re as effective as they are earth-friendly. Let’s turn our attention to these 5 reasons you need a plant-based deodorant.

  • Reduced chemical exposure 

  • As consumers grow smarter about ingredients in cosmetics, more of us are reaching for alcohol-free deodorants without toxic chemicals. To name a few, we often see parabens, aluminum and propylene glycol—the toxic trio of underarm trouble! 

    Ever get itchy armpits? There’s a reason. The chemicals often found in regular deodorants interfere with the skin’s microbiome and the release of sweat. As moisture builds up, our skin can get irritated, developing bumps and rashes. Worth smelling like a fruity bouquet? We think…not.

  • Natural ingredients 

  • Care for a pit detox? With a plant-based deodorant, you avoid clogging your armpits with that artificial soapy gunk, which blocks your pores from releasing sweat. 

    The best plant-based deodorants contain botanicals with natural anti-bacterial properties to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria without clogging pores! This award-winning plant-based deodorant, for example, is formulated with the gold standard of pit-loving ingredients: natural mineral salts, skin-softening rose water, alcohol-free witch hazel, probiotics and cold-pressed aloe. 

    Still worried about the smelling? This deodorant also features a proprietary blend of essential oils, leaving you with a pleasant scent of arm-lifting freedom. Plus, no white residue! You’re welcome, black shirts.

  • Effective odor control 

  • With generic deodorants, it may seem like you’re controlling odor, but really, you’re just masking the problem with perfume and powder—it’s actually not hygienic! 

    Since plant-based deodorants are mixed with essential oils (nature’s perfume), they blanket your pits in a delicate aroma. Meanwhile, their gentle bacteria-fighting powers ward off stink. Together, the effects are hydrating and pH-balancing, complimenting your skin’s microbiome for healthier, softer underarms. 

  • Probiotic-friendly 

  • Your armpits need buddies too! Enter probiotic plant-based deodorants. Probiotics are like the bouncers for your sweat glands, guarding against impurities from overcrowding the party of microbes. In this case, the good bacteria are invited to frolic freely, while stinking ones are escorted out, so you can raise your arms high!

  • Sustainability 

  • Plant-based deodorants moonlight as an environmental superhero. With their organic ingredients, these green warriors, packed with nature's finest, reduce your carbon pits-print, trading harsh chemicals for biodegradable botanicals. So, if you dream of smelling fresh (but in a sustainable way), plant-based deodorants are your ticket to safer sniffing!

    So long as you're opting for a premium plant-based deodorant with probiotics, smelling clean and keeping it natural will NEVER be a trade off.  So let’s laugh off the stereotypes and roll in the reality: plant-based deodorants work!