After some-odd years of life, you probably think, “haven’t I got this all figured out?!”. Erm, maybe not. Sure, you’re washing your hands and brushing your teeth, but we’re not talking about the basics. In this labyrinth of cleanliness, we’re breaking down your bathroom door, invading your makeup bag, and even sneak-peaking that messy drawer. So, are you ready to take a deep (disinfected) breath and roll up your sleeves? Well grab your sanitizer! Here we go!

Cleansing with regular body wash 

Standard body wash smells and lathers up amazing—no question about it! Just one problem though: we’re soaking up the good as well as the bad! Basic drugstore body washes serve a toxic buffet of chemicals: parabens, perfumes, alcohol, sulfates, etc. 

Instead, opt for an organic artisanal soap. Crafted with plant-based nutrients and skin-balancing probiotics, it hydrates and cleanses skin, leaving it butter-soft and fresh! 

Using dirty makeup brushes 

As one of the most common bathroom no nos, dirty makeup brushes are the crème-de-la-crème of hygienic mishaps! Think about the amount of microbial grime that festers in our brushes. Bacteria, oil, dirt—sometimes even fungi (ew!)—these are the culprits coating our skin in filth! 

To prevent breakouts, we must cleanse our makeup brushes every two weeks with organic plant-based soap and warm water. And be sure to blow dry them to prevent mold from growing in the wet bristles. 

Extra tip: As a side note, remember to cleanse your phone screen regularly too (for the same reason). 

Leaving dry shampoo in your hair 

Every lazy girl who loves fluffy hair swears by dry shampoo. We get it! As a one-day shortcut, this option is fine—BUT not as a daily hair hack for more volume! 

Dry shampoo accumulates on the scalp, blocking the hair follicles which can stunt growth overtime. We’re better off settling for a couple days of flat, semi-greasy hair than clogging our roots with this chalky residue! 

Using basic deodorant

Having blossom-fresh pits is a peace of mind. Sure. However, with standard deodorants, that waft of perfume under your arms comes from toxic chemicals like alcohol and aluminum. Meanwhile, this gunk doesn’t only block our sweat glands, it also contains drying ingredients which irritate our under arms. 

For a healthier route to breezy-clean pits, go for a plant-based deodorant. And no, this isn’t a hipster hygiene hack for naturalists who don’t mind extra BO. Read our article on the perks of plant-based deodorants to learn more! 

Creating scented baths 

For the same reason we don’t use standard deodorants, we don’t take dips in candy-scented bubble baths—one word: toxic! These standard aromatic formulas contain phthalates, alcohols and other hard-to-pronounce nasties. 

So skip the standard bath soaps and instead opt for Dead Sea salt. Enriched with 21 skin-loving minerals, it helps calm and nourish your skin, while turning your tub into a floaty aquatic escape you’ll love repeating! 

Hygiene isn’t just about forest-crisp scents or the appearance of purity—after all, looks can be deceiving. And this includes other naughty habits: the 'five-second-rule' food pickups, neglecting the 'behind-the-ear' clean, or keeping that mascara for decades. Ultimately, hygiene is more than a choice, it’s a lifestyle.