Vitamins, minerals, fruit enzymes, probiotics oh my! Finally, the lines are being blurred between skincare and the food we eat. Feeding our skin is just as important as feeding our bodies, so it makes total sense.

Skincare can obviously be as trendy as the diet you eat. Buzz words like collagen, coconut oil or probiotics can be blowing up your feed. Starting with a good foundation of toxic-free skincare that's power-packed with superfoods and probiotics is a great idea.

Plant-Based Enzymes

Let's focus on enzymes today. We all know eating fresh fruit and veggies produces healthier skin, but what about applying them to the outer layers of skin, what does that do? First, fruit-derived enzymes used in skincare have been found to penetrate the skin and work their way into our cells! Second, they basically act as a catalyst to help to unglue the bonds between dead skin cells, causing the skin to exfoliate and slough them off, leaving soft fresh skin. OK, multi-tasker, we love that. Heres the unique part of plant enzymes, they can do all of this without disrupting your skins protective barrier/pH! 

VS. Acid Enzymes

Now let's compare fruit enzymes to acid enzymes. Microdermabrasion and acid exfoliators have the potential to burn and weaken your skin's protective barrier, causing irritation and redness. Yes, acids can actually do more damage to your skin than good. FYI, anything that burns your skin should be a red flag.

Love Your Skin

We always promote loving your skin, and that includes protecting your skin's natural barrier to the world. Nourishing and feeding the good bacteria with natural fruit and veggie enzymes. 

Bottom Line

If you're looking to brighten, smooth and tone your skin, opt for natural fruit enzyme skincare over acids that can be damaging. It's an absolute win-win for you and your skin! Enzymes are awesome and can help protect against oxidative damage and break down free radicals supporting graceful aging. Also known to help with acne-prone skin. So, if you ever expose your skin to the sun or air, you will benefit greatly by incorporating fruit enzymes into your skincare routine.

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Love & be well