be well company skincare launches industry changing natural deodorant to compete with Schmidt’s and Native


be well company skincare today announced that it has launched an industry changing product called The Best Deodorant to go head to head with current industry leading brands like Schmidt’s and Native.

Looking to solve the dilemma of finding a natural deodorant that actually worked without staining or stinging, be well company skincare founder Natalie Shultz White says she’s finally cracked the code on solving the stink problem.

“After almost 2 years of attempting to create a natural deodorant that consistently worked, and didn’t come with all the side effects of the current products on the market, I realized the answer was in stopping the odor in the first place instead of trying to cover it up like all the others,” says Natalie.

Since launching the Best Deodorant in May she has been bombarded with customers reaching out to tell her how shocked they are at how well the product works.

“I receive messages and emails every day from our customers who say they’ve tried every natural deodorant on the market and even some that worked initially had stopped working or had such unpleasant side effects like stinging or staining that they had given up, and how thankful they are that I created this product.”

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