3 Tips for Creating an At-Home Facial  


Everyone deserves a luxury facial, and it’s possible to craft the perfect experience all from the comfort of your home. Once you determine your skin’s needs and invest in high-quality products and tools, all you have to do is sit back and relax as your clean formulas work their magic. Some tips and tricks can help you enhance your approach as you create a spa-like experience for yourself that’s sure to leave you with radiant-looking skin.  


Invest in High-Quality Tools  

To start, you’re going to want a non-toxic mixing bowl that’s reusable and eco-friendly to help you mix your face mask. Add a mask brush to your setup to help you keep germs out of your product while keeping your hands clean and minimizing the amount of waste you create. Seek out a flexible tool made from silicone for your antibacterial brush, as well as a gentle face cloth for taking your mask off later. Be sure the fabric is soft and uses bamboo to support all skin types as you gently remove your mask. Take control of your environment and use aromatherapy to your advantage with a sage spray to help you cleanse the energy in the room before you unwind with your luxury facial mask.  


Understand Your Skin’s Needs 

Before selecting the ideal face mask, you want to understand what your skin needs. If you are noticing congestion in your pores, then you might opt for a detoxifying mask. Seek out one that features ingredients like chlorophyll, spirulina, and bentonite clay to help draw out impurities so you can restart with skin that feels refreshed. Or, if your skin is feeling lackluster, try a brightening mask that uses vitamin C from tropical fruit to minimize the appearance of dark spots and instead leave you with a luminous-looking complexion. No matter what you select, be sure you start with a gentle facial cleansing oil so you can remove debris to help promote the absorption of the facial mask your skin needs most.  


Add Hydrosols or Toners  

While many powder-based face masks are paired with water, there are other products you can add to activate or optimize your luxury mask experience. Consider mixing a toner into your blend for additional nutrients and hydration. Be sure it features probiotics to help your complexion feel balanced as you support your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Or, add hydrosols so you can enjoy the gentle effects of essential oils along with the aromatic benefits. If your skin feels dry, try a turmeric hydrosol blend for an addition that can help skin feel soothed and hydrated. Be sure that all of the formulas, like your natural cleansing oil or face mask, come from a trusted brand that crafts food-grade formulas that are clean without sacrificing performance.  


Love & be well