This is a copycat vegan caesar dressing from one of my favorite local restaurants. I have been making my own version for several years but every time I had their kale Caesar salad I just couldn’t get enough. 
Make a big batch and keep stored in jars in the fridge for the week. Makes a quick go to salad!


1 cup soaked raw cashews

3 cloves garlic

1 lemon juiced (1/2 if its large)

1/3 cup nutritional yeast

2 tbls coconut aminos

2 tbls evoo

pinch salt


How To

Use a blender or immersion blender. Add all ingredients and whizz up a til smooth. Taste for adjustments. 
We love using this on kale and massaging it in, topping with hemp seeds and crunchy chickpeas. 

 How To Soak your cashews:

Pour 1 cup raw cashews into a jar and cover with filtered water. Let sit over night or 8 hours  drain and rinse. They will have a slight purple color, this is normal. 

Love + Eat Well