Cheers to the warmer months and refreshing drinks to cool down like this Tequila Cucumber & Basil Smash Cocktail.

You can switch this up to suite your desires, gin or tequila work well, vodka would too. OR no alcohol and make it a mocktail! No basil? No problem, grab some mint from the garden! Like to walk on the sweeter side of life, just add a bit of natural sweetener from honey or maple syrup.

Heres how we like to make ours on the regular....

Tequila Cucumber & Basil Smash Cocktail


3-4 slices of fresh cucumber quartered

2-3 fresh basil leaves torn

1.5 ounces of silver tequila

2-3 ounces sparkling water (we like strawberry and lime but plain works great too)


Optional drizzle of maple syrup or honey

How To

Slice your cucumber and quarter it, place in glass. Tear your basil leaves and drop in glass. Grab your wooden muddler and smash away to release all the aromatics, oils and juices.

Next add ice. Pour in tequila, top off with sparkling water and give a stir. If adding sweetener do it now and stir again!

Sip & Enjoy


Love & drink responsible