WARNING super delicious and additive!!

Honey Spiced Ice Coffee

Oh so creamy with a little bit of spice and touch of sweet. This recipe is super adaptable and can even change with the seasons or your mood! Mix up what milk you add.....full fat coconut milk is a bit more indulgent if you are looking for a treat, basically like drinking melted ice cream! Almond, Hemp,Oat milks are super lovely and great any day' of the week!

Try mixing in maple syrup if you don't have honey!

Mix up your spices too, go crazy! We personally go for cinnamon or pumkin pie spice mix.

You could make this with regular coffee if you don't have espresso but it wont be the same.

You could even make this hot when its cold outside! Just omit the ice;)

How to make Honey Spiced Ice Coffee

Grab a quart glass jar, add 1 tsp-1tbls of honey (we like raw honey), and 1tsp + of pumpkin pie spice. 

Pull 2-4 shot of espresso (we recommend using organic if you can)

Pour into jar with honey, stir until melted.

Fill jar up with ice.....you can either put a lid on and shake here until frothy....or add nut milk to fill jar and then shake!

Both work great....just SHAKE to get that froth going!



Love & eat well