This delicious blue yogurt bowl is loaded with health benefits! Spirulina is what gives this beautiful blue hue to the yogurt. This antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory algae fights free radicals, encourages cellular turnover, tones the skin, and gives you a more radiant glow. Yes please!

You can find spirulina in our Algae Detox Mask too.

You can top this bowl any way you wish. We chose mango, strawberries, homemade nut granola, and bee pollen here.

Bee Pollen contains all 22 amino acids and is an excellent skin moisturizer and stimulates the growth of new skin cells as well making it great for graceful aging as well.

Toppings matter, so choose organic fruits and add in lots of berries as they are antioxidant rich and full of vitamins that can help mitigate sun damage, amp up collagen production, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Be careful when choosing granolas, many are loaded with sugars that actually will age your skin! We buy from a local health shop or make our own loaded with nuts and seeds which are the perfect glow foods.

How to make the Graceful Aging Blue Yogurt Bowl

Ingredients needed:

+2 cups vanilla organic Greek yogurt or nut yogurt (if you have plain just mix in a splash of vanilla and maple syrup to taste)

+1 tsp spirulina





+Bee Pollen

Simply mix the spirulina into the yogurt and dish up into two bowls. Top with fruit, granola, and bee pollen. ENJOY!

Love + Eat Well,

by Natalie