I am a self proclaimed master of the creamiest dreamiest eggs!! I took me some time, like years, to master the technique but dang it was worth it.

So this really isn't about a recipe its about the techniques and tools used. While I say that, I also am going to strongly suggest you get the BEST organic, truly pastured eggs as they make all the difference. The yolks are dark orange because the girls were free to roam and forage bugs in the sunshine.

What you need:

6 eggs


Mixing bowl



Stainless steel pan or enamel coated cast iron pan

Heaping 1-2 tbls coconut oil (I prefer more than less)

How To:

Place pan on stovetop with coconut oil and heat med-high......

While pan is heating - Crack the eggs into the bowl and whisk, whisk real good, then whisk some more, give that arm a workout. Sprinkle in a pinch of s+p, whisk.

Turn heat down on pan to med or little lower, grab your spatula and be ready....pour eggs in hot pan thats cooling down.....and use that spatula to QUICKLY turn the eggs. They will cook super fast! NEVER let the eggs sit still keep folding them creating delicious creamy strands right before your eyes. 

Turn heat off before done cooking when the eggs are almost done remove them, they will still continue cooking after you remove them from the heat. 

Plate them fast! ENJOY:)

It's all about the timing, your stove temperature control, the coconut oil, and the folding of the eggs. Practice, you will get it!


Love + eat well