How to Use Be Well + What Order to Use Be Well Products

When creating be well, the goal was to keep it simple, clean, effective and luxurious. We believe we have achieved every single one of these goals! All products are designed for all skin types so no need to guess. Here are our suggestions on how to use our products and in what order we believe works for best results!

Here is our QUICK REFERENCE order of use:

1. Oil Cleansing

2. Probiotic Toner

3. Nourishing Face Cream

You can buy this popular trio as a Kit



2.Detox Masks


1. Facial Oil Cleansing is where we recommend everyone to start! It is the perfect way to cleanse your face without any harsh chemicals or soaps that strip your skin. Oil Cleansing will balance you natural skin pH and allow your skin to heal any irritations and calm the skins surface naturally leaving it so soft, clean and supple. It also is an excellent make-up remover, so no separate products needed here! As you first begin to use the Oil Cleanser you may notice a few breakouts, DONT WORRY, this is normal as your pores are being detoxed from all the impurities and should just last a few days. Key is to stay the course for 2 weeks and as you transition to this natural way of cleaning your face, you will be so glad you did!

     USE: Place a quarter sized amount in the palm of your hand. Massage over the entire face (great makeup remover). Run a washcloth under very warm water and place over face for 30-60 seconds. Wipe away the dirt to reveal fresh, clean skin. We recommend applying our Probiotic Facial Toner and Nourishing Face Cream afterward for best results. These 3 products work perfectly together and are the perfect place to start, grab our perfect trio here.


2. Facial Exfoliator is perfect to use after our Oil Cleanser to gently remove any dead skin cells and brighten dull skin. Made from organic avocado seed and sea moss, it is gentle enough to use every day if desired! Most exfoliators on the market are filled with synthetic beads or really harsh in texture that actually tear your skin. Adding sea moss amps up your nourishment as it is straight from the sea and packed with so many nutrients, minerals and vitamins that feed your skin so much goodness. Your skin will be softer and smoother immediately, which makes for better makeup application or great makeup free days!

     USE: We recommend washing your face first with our Cleansing Facial Oil. Next, place a dime-size amount of Exfoliator in the palm of your hand or small bowl, then add about 1 teaspoon of water (or rose water) to create a paste. Apply to your face in circular motion for one to two minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Finish with our Probiotic Facial Toner and Nourishing Face Cream for the best results. Our Exfoliator is gentle enough to use every day if you wish. 


3. Probiotic Facial Toner is great to apply after Oil Cleansing, Exfoliation or anytime for a quick refreshing pick me up! It can be applied before and after makeup. The organic rose water used is the holy grail of beauty secrets for centuries, it is our #1 ingredient. Next adding in our unique live probiotics that actually nourish and protect your skin from the impurities in our air. You will see your face soften, pores become smaller and irritations diminish as you feed and protect your skin. To top that off, it smells AMAZING! We recommend using this after and Cleansing morning and night followed by our Nourishing Cream.

     USE: Spritz your face 3-4 times after cleansing your face to protect, balance and hydrate the skin. Can be used after makeup application to place a protective barrier on your skin. Also great to use any time of day for a quick refresher!


4. Nourishing Face Cream is so luxurious and smells beautiful! Perfect to use after Cleansing your face and the Probiotic Toner to hydrate and nourish your skin. A little goes a long way as your skin will soak it in, never leaving you feeling greasy. You can use this all over your face, even the eye area, neck, and lips! We also like it on our cuticles and hands. made from all natural plant based ingredients you do not need to worry about placing it anywhere on your skin. It will soften and hydrate while reducing fine lines. For best results use after our Cleansing Facial Oil and Probiotic Facial Toner.    

     USE: Ultra hydrating and never greasy. Can be used morning and night. Apply a small amount to your face and neck, concentrating on any dry areas or fine lines, let soak in.


5. Detox Masks are an amazing weekly compliment to your natural skin care routine. They are relaxing and rejuvenating for the skin. Each mask was designed to detox the pores, tighten and brighten the skin, reducing pore size and fine lines. Each mask is can be used on any skin type leaving your face soft and tighter with zero harsh chemicals that irritate and harm your skin. Our Matcha Rejuvenating Mask is packed with antioxidants, smells delicious and will leave your skin glowing. The Activated Charcoal Mask is deep cleaning and skin brightening. The Algae Mask is packed full of nutrients from Spirulina and Chlorella to feed your skin with minerals and vitamins straight from the sea, leaving your skin soft and hydrated. We recommend using these anytime during the week after you have Cleansed your face. Follow up with the Probiotic Toner and Nourishing Cream.

     USE: Wash your face with our Cleansing Facial Oil. Place a dime size amount of the facial mask of your choice on the palm of your hand or small bowl. Add a teaspoon of water to create a paste. Apply to your face and allow to dry for 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Apply our Probiotic Facial Toner and Nourishing Face Cream for best results.