Bedridden to Founder/ShEO/the Skincare Chef of a truly Clean Skincare line. No Joke.
Woman-owned be well company was founded on the belief that any product we consume or use on our skin should be made from REAL ingredients clean enough to eat. Committed to only using superfoods, pre & probiotics, our premium plant based products are made from 100% toxic-free, natural, organic food-grade ingredients only. No fillers, preservatives, alcohols or synthetics of any kind...ever. The buyer should be able to read, recognize and feel confident with every ingredient.
be well company products feel, smell and work better than anything else on the market.
Why do we believe this?
Our founder Natalie, the Skincare Chef, has been successfully reversing her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis since being carried into the hospital by her husband unable to walk or talk in 2014. Without hesitation, Natalie began studying the power of superfoods and probiotics for the body. Radically changing her life, she immediately adopted a clean eating and clean living lifestyle, bypassing all conventional drugs or treatments recommended by her doctors. Today Natalie has fully regained her health, launched be well company in 2017 and has made it her mission to share the importance of REAL food and CLEAN skincare.
"I take my skincare as seriously as I do the food and lifestyle I use to reverse my MS. After discovering the power and necessity of probiotics in gut health, and the role superfoods play in cellular health, creating products that were packed with these essential nutrients was a natural next step for me. And from there be well was born" ~Natalie.
be well company promotes "positive skincare" as we believe everyone at every age is beautiful. Embrace your age and love your skin at every age and you will find a path to real self-care. be well is changing the dinosaur marketing message of "anti-aging" products and campaigns. Calling out the negative anti-aging mindset, be well company launched the "Graceful Aging Revolution" promoting a positive mindset on naturally aging. Instead of fighting your age, be proud, celebrate it, just do it gracefully.
be well company always strives for zero waste packaging and shipping, meaning material used can be recycled or reused. All products are packaged in FDA approved food grade, toxic-free recyclable glass and shipped in recyclable boxes, including packing paper and inserts. We promote sustainability and always encourage reusing and repurposing whenever possible.

Love & be well
Natalie/ShEO be well
founder/ShEO/the Skincare Chef

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