In today’s advanced skincare scene, education is king! And the smarter we get about formulas and their claims, we become sharper shoppers who know how to decode product labels and read between the fluff. So naturally, when it comes to a popular headliner like vitamin C, the head honcho of beauty ingredients (after hyaluronic acid, of course), it’s crucial to know why it deserves its rep. So in the name of aging gracefully, it’s time to unpack vitamin C boosters once and for all!


What’s a vitamin C booster? 


Think of vitamin C as a youth saver—in a booster formulation, there are higher amounts of this active ingredient than a serum. So essentially, a vitamin C booster delivers a deeper dose of antioxidants to our skin, protecting the cells from its enemy, free radicals.


Benefits of a vitamin C booster


A vitamin C booster is the ultimate multitasker for aging gracefully. Let’s review all its perks!


Tightens fine lines 


A vitamin C booster improves fine lines by stimulating collagen—the vital protein for skin structure and elasticity. By fending off free radicals, it protects our collagen, allowing it to flourish freely so our cells stay plump and strong!


Overtime, with a vitamin C booster, you’ll notice fewer fine lines around common crinkle areas like the forehead and under eyes. 


Brightens our complexion 


Although vitamin C boosters aren’t technically exfoliants, they do help shed dead skin cells, revealing a brighter and smoother complexion underneath! Additionally, some vitamin C boosters may contain other resurfacing ingredients, such as AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), which can further enhance the exfoliation process when used in combination with vitamin C.


If you have sensitive skin, opt for a vitamin C booster containing skin-calming agents, like soothing aloe vera or witch hazel, to help calm inflammation. Remember that vitamin C is still an acid afterall, and for some, a skin aggravator! In this case, you may consider applying the booster on alternating days to give your skin time to recover.


Fades dark spots 


From acne scars to hyperpigmentation, vitamin C boosters help fade it all! By slowing down the production of melanin (a pigment maker), it reduces dark spots to even skin tone. Using a chemical called “tyrosinase inhibitors”, vitamin C prevents high levels of melanin from accumulating, which in turn, lightens and illuminates our skin. 


To enhance these effects even further, look for vitamin C boosters with kojic acid. Together, this duo erases dark spots and scars with supercharged effectiveness! And to sprinkle even MORE fuel to this beauty bonfire, seek a formula also containing ferulic acid! Recent studies confirm that this pairing of ingredients helps vitamin C flex its benefits with greater strength. In respect to this research, the Be Well Vitamin C Booster was designed to provide results in line with this advanced scientific breakthrough.


Fights UV damage 


Picture this: when the sunlight coats our skin, it gets absorbed by our skin cells (along with UV damage) which accelerates the aging process. Since vitamin C is an antioxidant, it contains chemical powers to minimize the level of UV damage


In science terms, at the molecular level, here’s what’s happening: vitamin C donates electrons from its own collection. By doing so, it stabilizes the free radicals from UV light, neutralizing its reactivity and preventing it from scavenging electrons from other precious molecules (like our skin!!!). 


In the realm of skincare, vitamin C boosters are the key to aging gracefully. Just keep in mind, however, that vitamin C boosters are NOT a replacement for daily SPF. Always (absolutely always!!!) layer an SPF lotion over your skin booster for that double-duty layer of protection.