With more medi spas popping up than McDonald’s, it’s tempting to wonder if it’s worth getting SUPERSIZED!!! But their hype aside, for many of us, getting dermal filler isn’t as casual as a drive-through lunch. Since the rise of #cleanbeauty, our tastes are shifting away from that blown-up Beverly Hills look and embracing other alternatives to looking fresh-faced. Among them, we’re seeing skincare products containing that same magical ingredient present in fillers: hyaluronic acid (~cue the angel choir~). 


All about Hyaluronic acid


Highest on the skincare hierarchy, hyaluronic acid wins as today’s most popular ingredient. Like a sponge, this jelly-like substance attracts and holds water. Ergo, with higher amounts of hyaluronic acid, our skin becomes more water-filled, showing a youthful plumpness, firmness and elasticity.


Over time, however, with continued UV exposure and the normal aging process, our skin loses hyaluronic acid. And this matters because? Eventually, we’ll notice more skin dryness, wrinkles and laxity—signs of age that can be camouflaged (to a degree) with hyaluronic acid!


We can improve our hyaluronic acid levels in two ways: supplement it or protect it with skincare. Let’s snoop on a few products that play these roles.


Watermelon glow 


Bursting with a tidal wave of water richness, experience the combined powers of watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid! Based on recent science that confirms the skin-protecting phytochemicals in watermelon, these daily glow drops are designed to reduce fine lines and restore radiance. This way, our skin gets both a hydrating vitamin boost from watermelon, along with the subtle plumping effects of our favorite fluid magnet: hyaluronic acid! This formula also features aloe—a skin soother for a clear complexion—and rosewater, which contains antioxidants for a refreshed glow. 

Nourishing Face Cream 


Like a youth shield, face cream acts as a defensive barrier for our skin. It blocks harmful age-causing intruders like pollution, pathogens and UV—hydration-sucking gatecrashers that lead to fine lines, laxity and dullness. By protecting our natural hyaluronic acid levels, we rely on safeguards like the Nourishing Face Cream to protect our face from these nasty invaders. It’s crafted with photo-blocking nutrients from coconut oil and shea butter, along with the UV-damage defensive properties of beeswax.


Keep in mind, however, that we still need a daily SPF sunscreen as we can’t get enough photo protection from plant-based ingredients alone.


Renew Facial Oil


For that dewy pick-me-up, facial oil restores that glossy sheen of healthy skin. Powered with antioxidants, it reduces the aging effects of oxidative stress, all the while, soaking in water like a desert to an oasis.


Seek formulas that contain botanicals with natural UV protection like the Renew Facial Oil which guards our natural hyaluronic acid. Due to the photo-defensive qualities of rosehip, this facial oil can reduce the impact of sun exposure. But again, remember, it cannot replace your sunscreen!


Honey Lip Mask


There’s a reason the beauty industry is obsessed with lip plumping. Full, moist lips (that aren’t over-filled or swollen-looking!) are a sign of youth! So when a syringe full of hyaluronic acid is out of the question, we can always perk up our pucker with nature’s booster: a honey lip mask


We get the exfoliating effects from sugar and the moisturizing benefits of beeswax, honey and vitamin e—an invigorating blend of nutrients that leave lips soft and smoochable. 


As with any beauty shortcut, like dermal filler, there’s usually always a catch (swelling, infection, irregularities—you name it!). That’s why we’re committed to natural enhancements—subtle ways to support our hyaluronic acid that doesn’t need needles.