For a fresher look, you'll need more than just exfoliating and cleansing. Here's why you should also add toner into your organic skincare routine.

What exactly is Toner?

A toner is basically a water-based liquid used for removing oil and makeup from the face.

The typical routine for most of us would be to cleanse, tone and moisturize. As cleansing or exfoliating cleans out the dirt from your pores, it only makes sense to shrink the pores down to minimize future debris from clogging the pores on your face.

Apart from refreshing your skin and shrinking your pores, there's actually a few other benefits unbeknownst to most of us.

5 More Reasons to Add Toner to Your Organic Skincare Routine

It is important to note that while most toners are generally safe, some do contain alcohol and that is potentially an irritant for many as it tends to dry skin out. This is why moisturizing is important after using a toner.

It's best to get organic facial toners as these are made with organic extracts and zero preservatives and will be healthier and more gentle on your skin. It's also possible to get toners made with organic rose water to really soothe your skin.

Here are five benefits that a toner will bring to your organic skincare routine:

Soothes, repairs and smoothes the skin

Doesn't it feel super fresh after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing? While most of the grunt work is achieved by cleansing or exfoliating, you can think of using a toner as fixing up the finer details.

Once the touch ups are done, your skin will look beYOUtiful.

Minimizes signs of redness and inflammation

There are times when it feels like you have the worst acne outbreak and don't even want to go out and see anyone. You then proceed to exfoliate, but still, need to remove any inflammation and redness from the breakout.

While a toner will not provide an instant remedy, it'll help to subside any redness from the earlier scrub.

Balances the skin’s pH levels

Humans have naturally acidic skin, and soap is of an alkaline nature. Whenever we wash our hands or face, the pH balance will get disturbed.

In order to restore the balance, a toner can be used as they typically have a slight acidity - enough to safely bring your skin back to its normal pH.

Adds a layer of protection

Besides repair work on your skin by shrinking pores and removing debris, toners also help reduce any further impurities or oils from contaminating the skin.

While the effects don't last forever, it'll still help protect your skin against chlorine and harmful minerals present in tap water.

Prevents ingrown hairs

Using a toner in your skin care routine can also help to prevent (or treat) ingrown hairs.

Cleansing, exfoliating and general hygiene is definitely a good way to keep your skin constantly looking fresh and rejuvenated. Adding a great toner to your organic skincare routine will compliment and nourish your skin to look beautiful every day.