Of all the beauty rituals we cherish, few are more satisfying than a solid skincare routine. Done daily and carefully curated, our regimen should meet our personal skin needs—not just “skin type”—meaning it should adapt to the changes of our environment and habits. So, whether you're thirty-something or fifty-plus (and your current product stash feels “meh”), we’ve got you covered! Here’s how to create an effective skincare routine for aging skin.

Layering  your skincare steps

Like a recipe, our skincare routine should follow a sequence of steps. We respect this logic because each product has its own unique qualities in terms of richness, weight and concentration of nutrients. 

Generally, we follow a pattern of application, moving from lightest to heaviest. Watery fluids have smaller molecules, letting them absorb into our pores, while heavier formulas have bigger molecules which are suited for the superficial layers of our skin. 

Double-duty clean: Makeup remover & cleanser

Remove the superficial gunk—then cleanse. Yes, it’s a two-stepper: getting that sparkling-fresh face means removing our makeup and sebum first, before face wash. This way, we clear that initial layer of residual dirt or bacteria that our cleanser could miss, preventing a buildup of microbes and impurities that can cause aging.

Or how about something easier? Perhaps both in one step?! A non-clogging plant-based oil cleanser gets it ALL done—plus it’s anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing! And while we’re praising multitaskers here, how about this product juggler: a cleanser that removes makeup, purifies pores and brightens our complexion! This coffee cleansing facial oil relies on dewy botanicals to clean and replenish skin, while its circulation-boosting effects perk-up your glow.

Or maybe the priority is acne control? In this case, go for a tea tree oil facial cleanser. This gem is a natural bacteria-killing, skin-calming treatment, IDEAL for treating adult acne. 

Treatment treat: Mask

A mask treatment isn’t a daily spoil—it’s a go-with-the-flow kind of deal. Basically, whenever your skin is behaving abnormally—be it dry, hormonal or sensitive—a mask helps specific skin conditions.

Probiotic masks can treat a variety of skin problems, saving you tons of money on different mask formulas. How? Well, similar to the way vitamin supplements fix deficiencies in the body where needed, probiotics are balancers too; they help level the ratio of good microbes with bad microbes on the skin surface. When this ratio is balanced, it controls free radicals in the skin, helping slow down the effects of graceful aging.

Brighten & plump Hyaluronic serum

Known as the MVP of graceful aging, hyaluronic serum has become the creme-de-la-creme of ingredients. Bursting with water-loving molecules, it attracts hydration, saturating your skin for a fresh, illuminated look! 

For that extra oomph, the watermelon glow serum combines hyaluronic acid with antioxidant-rich vitamins. Inspired by recent discoveries of anti-aging phytochemicals in watermelon, this cutting-edge serum actually feeds your skin cells with youth-boosting nutrients.

Quench the thirst: Hydrate & moisturize

Finally, we apply moisturizer or cream—a way to keep skin soft and dewy. But there’s more! It adds a layer of protection from the aging effects of our environment: pollution, UV, free radicals, etc. 

This nourishing face cream is drenched in rose oil, coconut oil and beeswax—an enriching trio of superfood ingredients to cushion skin from the elements. Ultra-moisturizing, it promotes a supple texture while helping smooth fine lines. Or if you prefer a more basic cream for a complexion pick-me-up—you know, that rosy glow—opt for this coffee-enriched version

In any skincare routine, especially for aging gracefully, don’t get caught up with fighting lines and wrinkles. Truly, our best beauty comes from skin that’s radiant and healthy! 


Love + Be Well