by Be Well Company

May sound like a funny question but how many skincare products are in your bathroom right now? Right? And hey, I get that, a girl gotta try things out and see what works for her. 

Stop mixing skincare brands

Fads come and go faster than we can keep up anymore, promising us that youthful, dewy skin of our younger years. Always some new miracle skincare product luring us in and tempting us to switch it up. You know, the grass is greener. However, mixing brands is not going to help your skin, it can actually hurt.

Think about it like a puzzle, each skincare product created by a brand is specifically designed to complement the other products. Bouncing around and concocting your own special skincare cocktail can cause trouble and not give you the results you want. Things like dreaded breakouts, dryness and irritation. Just like in the kitchen when following a recipe, you wouldn't switch up flour for salt, you would keep it consistent with the recipe.

Skincare takes consistency and time

Did you know the average life cycle of a skin cell is about 28 days? When you jump around, mix and match your skincare products you never really give that brand a chance to do what its designed to do. True lasting results don't happen overnight, it takes consistency and brand loyalty, just like a beautiful partnership. Being consistent will yield a greater payoff in the end: younger, brighter, clearer and healthier skin. Amen to that.

When its okay stray

While committing to a consistent daily routine, sometimes slight adjustments need to be made. For example, extreme weather can cause you to switch to a moisture-rich product if your skincare brand doesn't offer one already. We suggest checking out your brand offerings first to stay consistent for the sake of your skin. Or sometimes hormones can wreak havoc on our skin, which can mean switching to acne prone products for a few days. You get the point here.

Three main steps to great a skincare routine

Everyone should start here:

1. Cleansing - washing your face

2. Toning - balancing the skin

3. Moisturizing - hydrating & protecting the skin

When these three daily rituals are done a minimum of once per day, two being optimal, it will fortify your skin and actually begin to ground you. Finding yourself looking forward to this self-care routine will be the best thing for your skin.

 Keep it simple

With so many skincare products on the market today you want to keep the ingredients simple and clean like Be Well Company. Feeding your skin is just as important as feeding your belly. Keep it organic, gentle to your skin and most of all, effective. Wondering where to start? Don't worry, we wouldn't lead you this far only to turn you down the scary aisles of the drugstore. The Get Me Started Kit has all 3 steps to your perfect skincare routine. 

Feed your skin beYOUtiful

Natural Organic skincare