Loaded with all the glow foods to feed the skin + nourish the body. You can omit the shrimp if going vegetarian for sure. If you do add the shrimp, we always grab wild caught from the frozen section.
Most days I have no idea what I’m making until I’m done. I literally follow my eyes and my taste buds. I start by pulling a rainbow of fresh foods. Next, I think about flavors that sound good at that moment.
Truth be told, I don’t even like shrimp but I know Mitch does and after the bowl started coming together I knew shrimp would be awesome, and it was.

+cauliflower fried rice with egg (you can use jasmine rice)
+green onion slices
+carrot ribbons
+air fried zucchini
+avocado chunks
+spicy kimchi
+bed of baby spinach
+sesame seeds w/ seaweed

Shrimp - thawed and seasoned with:
+smoked paprika
+onion + garlic powder
+chili powder
+lime juice

+avocado mayo from @chosenfoods + @wildbrine siracha sauce

Cooked the shrimp 1-2 minutes each side in a med to hot pan with avocado oil.


PROTIP: keep your pantry, fridge + freezer stocked with a rainbow of clean foods you can pull from to assemble quickly. This dish took maybe 15mins to pull together.


Love + Eat Well