Is this a recipe? Not exactly, more assembling than anything for the easy breakfast idea. I do a lot of assembling making sure to fill my plate with the rainbow. I always start by pulling colorful foods from my fridge and then deciding how they might come together on on my plate.

I try to also include a protein, greens, a sulfur, healthy fats, and fruit for breakfasts as I typically do not eat agin until dinner time. I do have a snack some days. 

So on my plate is simple scrambled eggs in coconut oil, pastured local pork links, slice of heirloom tomato, sautéed spinach + garlic w/ seaweed flakes, and fresh berries in coconut milk with cinnamon. Topped with fresh parsley, s+p. Glass of kombucha and of course organic coffee with coconut milk.

I do not always make breakfast during the week, its more of a weekend thing. During the week generally I make a smoothie.



Love + Eat Well,

by natalie