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The Booch Bundle

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Meet Nikki from @nikki_booch on Instagram

Nikki has a health and wellness site where she shares her easy and healthy recipes. She of course loves her be well skincare, kombucha sipping and running.

We asked Nikki to share what her be well must-haves are and why. When then curated them into a handy bundle that automatically saves 10% for purchasing in a bundle, but wait, there's more!

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"The Booch Bundle"

(1) 2oz The Best Deodorant

(1) 2oz Tea Tree Probiotic Toner 

(1) 2oz Cherry Pie Smoothie Mask


Nikki says "it's a getaway for the skin!"

Be sure to click the tabs above to see Nikki's daily routine and why!

Not ready to go all-in just yet? Nikki's The Booch Bundle sample set first!

The Routine I couldn't live without:

"I start every day with the Probiotic Toner – it’s so refreshing and instantly wakes me up with just a few spritzes. I also love spritzing it on my face throughout the day for a nice, hydrating boost whenever it feels like my skin needs one (the tea tree scent is my go-to because of its anti-inflammatory and calming properties). The Best Deodorant is exactly what it sounds like, and I use it daily. I’ve never found a natural deodorant that works so well, and actually smells amazing. It’s a huge plus that it lasts a few months, too! To wind down & relax at the end of the day, I love using the Smoothie Face Masks. The Cherry Pie is my favorite – it always leaves my skin feeling bright & fresh.”


"Before be well, I didn't have a skincare routine, and I realized it's because I never truly loved the products I was using. When I discovered be well, I fell in love with the ingredients and the way they changed my skin. They make taking care of your skin fun & enjoyable (the smoothie face masks are basically a party for your face and they’re so fun to use) while feeding your skin with the same ingredients that you feed your body, which is amazing. I truly look forward to my daily be well routine and I hope you do, too!"