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The Best Deodorant

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The Best Deodorant

w/ Live Probiotics

100% Natural & Effective!

Raise those arms confidently with our award-winning Deodorant


2oz blue glass spray bottle

be stink-free naturally for .35/day 

The search for the best natural deodorant can be overwhelming, disappointing, and downright frustrating.

Here's the good news, Natural Deodorant CAN work!! We cracked the code!

The Search is Over!

Award-winning The Best Deodorant w/ live probiotics. Just a quick spritz to the armpits is all it takes

    • NO STINK

Anti-bacterial and pH balancing, The Best Deodorant inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria naturally without clogging the pores.

Hear from the creator of why & how The BEST Deodorant came to be.

The Best Deodorant lives up to it's name

We always recommend a good Pit Detox when starting with The Best Deo!

Full-Size Pit Detox Pack includes everything needed to get started with The Best Deodorant = 2oz The Best Deodorant, 2oz Avocado & Sea Moss Exfoliator, 2oz Detox Mask of choice, and Natural Wooden Mixing Bowl OR grab a sample sized Pit Pack.

The scent is gender neutral & fresh when first sprayed. Will not linger nor cover up!

First, we start with pure natural mineral salts, which many have tried before in the natural deodorant search (crystal stones), then we add in skin softening rose water, alcohol-free witch hazel, live cold pressed concentrated probiotics, soothing cold pressed aloe, and last our proprietary blend of essential oils. The perfect blend of anti-bacterial fighting magic in a bottle. 

Where does stink come from anyway??

Bacteria are natural and live on our skin. We stink because our natural bacteria gets outa whack. When you feed the good bacteria (which doesn't stink), it naturally over-rides the bad bacteria that stinks. It's really that simple. So we designed The Best Deodorant to work by feeding the good bacteria naturally.

Our bodies are designed to sweat and clear toxins from our bodies. Conventional deodorants typically "plug" the pores so you don't sweat, these are your antiperspirants, and that is absolutely the wrong approach in our opinion! Add insult to injury, then they pile in the aluminum chlorohydrate or synthetic fragrances which have been linked to Alzheimer's and known endocrine disruptors. No thanks!

The natural Mineral Salts function as a bacteria blocker without clogging the pores. The cold pressed Probiotics feed your good bacteria. The Rose Water keeps those pits soft and touchable. Cold pressed Aloe soothes the skin with zero irritation. And let's not forget about the super blend of organic Essential Oils that are awesome bacteria killers and smell great.

Bottom Line




Give a shake before each use, spritz each clean underarm with 1-3 sprays and let dry. 

Plan on using within 6 months of purchasing, remember these are fresh, active products with live probiotics

TIP please store in the refrigerator if not using right away, it will last longer

Can even be used on stinky feet!

Each 2oz bottle contains approx 420 sprays = average use of 2 sprays per pit per day, one bottle will last 105 days/3.5 months. That's approx .09 per spray or .35 per day!  

Please Note: the deodorant is clear when first made with a  golden "halo" of essential oils at the top of the bottle. Shake before each use. After a month or two, your essential oils will begin to infuse the deodorant and the liquid will turn amber in color. All is well! Use as normal.


Rose Water (Rosa Damascena), Natural Mineral Salts (Potassium Alum), alcohol-free Witch Hazel (Hamamelis), Cold Pressed Probiotics (Manchurian Mushroom), Aloe (Aloe Vera), *Proprietary blend of organic essential oils


What is Potassium Alum?


 certified glass bottles 

We are always striving for zero waste packaging and shipping. Meaning material used can be recycled or reused. All orders ship without individual product packaging/boxes. All products are packaged in food grade, recyclable glass and shipped in recyclable boxes, including packing paper and inserts. We always encourage reusing/repurposing whenever possible.

We do have plans on launching an empty bottle return campaign in the future!

𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 & be well