Mama's Bundle of Joy


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Mama's Bundle of Joy
Mama's Bundle of Joy

Meet Alli from @allisappetite on Instagram

Alli is a certified health coach, first time mama, gluten free blogger, and loyal be well user.

We asked Alli what her be well must-haves are and why. We then curated them into a handy bundle for you that automatically saves you 10%, for purchasing is a bundle, but wait, there's more!

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"Mama's Bundle of Joy"

(1) 2oz Lavender & Myrrh Cleansing Oil

(1) 2oz Tea Tree Probiotic Toner

(1) 1oz Lavender Nourishing Face Cream

(1) Replenish Eye Roller

(1) 1oz Tea Tree Salve

(1) Organic Bamboo Face Cloth


Alli will inspire your healthy appetite

Be sure to click the tabs above to see Alli's daily routine and why!


The Routine I just can’t live without:

"I love ending my night by massaging the Lavender Cleansing Oil into my face, then steaming it with hot water using my bamboo face cloth (it's so soft!) before gently wiping away the dirt. The essential oils are so relaxing and allow me to have a few moments of zen from my busy day. I follow that up with a few spritzes of toner for extra hydration, then another nice little massage with my face cream. Afterward, I apply a few swipes of the eye roller and pat it in to reduce the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes because a good night's rest is out of reach these days! I complete my routine by applying the salve anywhere that needs a little extra love - first as a chapstick, then on any pimples or blemishes that pop up on my face, hands, or wherever else. My whole routine takes under 5 minutes, is soothing, makes me happy, and I always feel so relaxed afterward!"


"As a new mama, my "me time" is limited. I need a skincare routine that is quick and simple but leaves me feeling (and looking!) refreshed while operating on minimal sleep. Bonus points for the salve working wonders in many ways - from healing my cracked, dry hands from the excess washing, to functioning as the best chapstick and pimple zapper ever!"



Mama's Bundle of Joy
Mama's Bundle of Joy