Little Miss Bundle


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Little Miss Bundle
Little Miss Bundle

Meet Lara from @_littlemissfoodie on Instagram

Lara is a kindergarten teacher, nutrition school student, and loyal be well lover.

We asked Lara what her be well must-haves are and why. We then curated them into a handy bundle for you that automatically saves you 10%, for purchasing is a bundle, but wait, there's more!

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"Little Miss Bundle"

(1) 2oz Tea Tree Cleansing Oil

(1) 2oz Tea Tree Probiotic Toner

(1) 1oz Tea Tree Nourishing Face Cream

(1) 2oz Algae Detox Mask

(1) 2oz The Best Deodorant 


Lara will inspire attainable health & wellness

Be sure to click the tabs above to see Lara's daily routine and why! Not ready to go all-in just yet? Try Lara's Little Miss Bundle sample set first!


The Routine I just can’t live without:

"I couldn’t imagine my skincare routine being anything other than bewell. I do my skincare routine in the AM and PM, and anytime after I sweat, to keep my pores clean. I start with the cleansing oil, then I do the algae detox mask. I follow that up with the toner. I then use the nourishing face cream to make sure my skin stays moisturized. When that dries, I put on the replenishing oil roller. You’ll come to love how oils feel on your skin! Then, of course, I never go a day without my nontoxic deodorant."


"As a female who has struggled with skincare routines and hormonal imbalances, finding a routine that I looked forward to while also not compromising my adrenal glands and hormonal health is huge for me. I never liked to wash my face - I would dread it, thinking it was boring and messy. But over the years I have come to crave my be well routine - I actually look forward to it now! I am also all about prevention. As someone about to enter their 30’s, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve noticed the beginning signs of aging. So taking care of not only my hormonal health and skin but also prevention is my WHY!"



Little Miss Bundle
Little Miss Bundle

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