Our Founder & ShEO, Natalie, is passionate about healthy, toxic-free living for the whole body. Having been diagnosed with MS in 2014, she has opted to take zero conventional meds, and use only real, whole food and toxic-free living to reverse her symptoms! She founded Be Well on the belief of what we feed our skin is just as important as what we feed our bellies.

Her story is incredibly inspiring and relevant in today's ever-growing toxic world.

Natalie Shultz

"Being natural is not a statement, it is closest I can get to being myself"

We love our Love + Be Well affiliate family as they are as genuine and authentic as our products. Each has a unique story, perspective and offering. We invite you to explore and get inspired! be well believes in adding value in this world, not more noise, and these affiliates do just that. You will notice lots of foodies here, because hello, what we eat and what we feed our skin are equally important.