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The Active Warrior Bundle

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Meet Jerika from @gracefulwarri0r on Instagram

Jerika is a Personal Trainer, Yogi, Fitness Instructor, dog lover, and loyal be well user.

We asked Jerika for her be well must-haves and then made a handy bundle that automatically saves you 10%. But wait, there's more! 

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"The Active Warrior Bundle"

(1) 2 oz. Lavender & Myrrh Cleansing Oil

(1) 2 oz. Tea Tree Probiotic Toner

(1) 1 oz. Lavender Nourishing Face Cream

(1) 2 oz. The Best Deodorant


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The Routine I just can’t live without:

"Cannot live without these! I use the same routine to begin and end each and every day, starting with my lavender cleansing oil which gives my face a “deep clean” feel. After massaging the oil into my face, I place a warm damp washcloth over it which is super relaxing! I use the Tea Tree probiotic toner right after. My 3-4 spritz feel refreshing and the tea tree fights against any pesky breakouts caused by my sweat or hormones!  Then, I use my lavender nourishing face cream which leaves my face glowing all day. Love how my makeup applies smoothly and evenly right over it...but I barely use makeup these days because being consistent with my routine has truly given me a natural glow I feel confident with! And last but not least, I cannot go about my day without my secret 2-3 spritz of The Best Deodorant under each arm! Keeps me fresh and odor-free through my toughest workouts and the summer heat!"


"My active lifestyle craves consistency, especially fighting against sweat! I know what helps me stay consistent and that’s a quick and simple skincare routine that fights odor (with The Best Deodorant) and keeps my skin glowing before and after my toughest workouts! It also helps that my routine makes me feel relaxed and gives me a moment to wind down after a hectic day!"