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Sarah's Organic Skincare Story

This is Sarah's personal journey with organic skincare. We hope it inspires you as much as it did us. What an incredible transformation she has created for herself simply by kicking toxins out of her life and loving her skin!

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Sarah's Organic Skincare Story

If someone was to ask me what my biggest insecurity is, I would say my skin. For the past two years I've been struggling with adult hormonal acne and not until May 2016, after many breakdowns, did I finally decided to ditch all of the chemicals/conventional products and try an all-natural/organic/toxin-free/friendly approach to healing my acne. What you put directly onto your skin can enter your body, so I asked myself why I would want to use products with chemicals and toxins? I wanted to treat my skin and body kindly so I changed my skin care products/routine, changed the way I ate and decided to figure out the root cause of my acne. I also decided to ditch all the makeup. Yup, that meant going out into public, to work, to the gym, basically anywhere without any ounce of makeup on. For some, this wouldn't be an issue. But for me, makeup was like a security blanket and I only felt pretty when wearing it (how silly of me!?) I decided that I needed to accept myself, feel beautiful, and be confident with or without acne. I didn't want my acne to define me, so I didn't let it.
In September I saw a functional medicine doctor and found out that I had many food sensitivities and high estrogen levels. I had to eliminate foods like dairy and gluten from my diet and started to take supplements. With the help of eliminating foods, doing the Whole 30 cleanse, taking estro-block (an all natural supplement), the oil cleansing method, and organic vitamin C serums, I have been able to make a huge improvement to my skin. I still have a ways to go and know my skin will never be perfect, which I accept, but I am now confident with or without makeup and when I choose to wear makeup, I make sure I'm using clean products. I've learned that this process takes time and patience, but in the end, it's all worth it. I have gained confidence in myself, learned about my body, and most importantly fell in love with a lifestyle that I feel so strongly about.

If you are going through a similar experience, please know that your acne doesn't define you and your beauty. There were so many times that I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw and would break down in tears. But once I started to accept myself, treated myself with kindness, and developed patience, things started to change and they will change for you too! My best piece of advice is to remember that your family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, and anyone else that is important in your life will love you for YOU, not because of your skin!

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