Alice's Organic Skincare Story

Alice's Organic Skincare Story

This was an email I received and it personally warmed my heart! Sure hope it inspires you not to give up on having beautiful skin, no matter what your age!


Hi Natalie!
Can't thank you enough for creating such a wonderful line of products! I had actually purchased another oil cleansing product a month before your line was on the market to see if I could help my very dry skin gain moisture. I had minimal success plus it gave me blemishes. So when I decided to try your products, I was skeptical, for sure. Now that I have been using the Be Well Company line for 3 weeks, I can tell you that they are without a doubt, they best thing I have done for myself in years! No joke. I am 68 and my complexion has become so flakey and dry in the past decade, that I have gone through hundreds of dollars trying to find what works on my skin. Even having professional facials, using the top of the line brands, aestheticians in the dermatologist's office, you name it, I gave it a shot but could never find the right combination of products that truly improved my skin until I used your products. Not only do they have a wonderful scent, they have such healing properties that my skin is now soft and supple, and clear of blemishes. Even your Body Butter has soothed my dry hands! 
I can't thank you enough for creating these fabulous products. It's a joy to use them and smell so delicious at the same time!
Most sincerely,

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